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Aryan's response to

Covid-19 Pandemic

As per various scientific studies available, COVID-19 virus can survive for 12 hours on paper, whereas up to 72 hours on plastic and metal.

Aryan's Made-in-India bed is uniquely designed for
• Ease of assembly and usage: Requires no tools or screws/glue
• Flat-stacked in transit and light weight: 10 kg/22lbs, easy to transport & move around, can be transported by Air
• Water resistant for cleaning and disinfecting if need be
• High strength & sturdiness: Capacity >200 kg/440 lbs of load
• 100% re-pulpable & environment friendly
• Length = 6.5 ft, width = 3 ft, height = 3 ft

This low cost bed has been supplied to Indian Army, Bombay Municipal Corporation, Indian Navy and few other private parties. Aryan has also been selected in the top 21 solutions/ innovations by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Office (PMO) in the fight against Covid-19.

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Packaging Solutions
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Utilizing our vast & highly sophisticated infrastructure, we are capable of meeting the kraft paper & corrugated requirements of a diverse set of sectors. Our inherent advantage of a fully integrated setup allows us to provide our customers unmatched service, flexibility & optimization for their final product.

Why Choose Us?


We deliver optimal packaging solution as per your requirements since we manufacture paper in the house itself. Therefore, we conduct extensive R&D to arrive at the applicable paper mix.

We have professionals working in various departments looking after the customers needs at every stage, ensuring a seamless & hassle free operation

Over the years, we have catered to a wide range of industries,giving us invaluable first hand market knowledge of the requirements of different industries. This combined with our R&D efforts helps us arrive at a packaging solution specifically catered to your requirements.

State of the art machinery,delivering the best product.

Honesty, transparency, sincerity & integrity have been our founding principles & continue to be the cornerstones around which we build our businesses.

Over 50 years of experience in the paper & packaging industry. Integrated solution

We manufacture our own paper used for the packaging. Hence, we have complete control over the process.

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